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Daikin Centrifugal Chillers - Khalifa Stadium

Daikin centrifugal chillers – Since Qatar won the bidding to stage the 2022 Fifa World Cup, we have often been hearing about “the challenge of cooling stadiums and outdoor spaces”.

The biggest challenges for this kind of applications are the difficulty of controlling the temperature and humidity, and the enormous amount of energy needed for the cooling system.

How Daikin faced the challenge

Qatar’s Khalifa International Stadium requirement to provide chilled water to the stadium and surrounding development with high efficiency and reliability is addressed by Daikin Premium Efficiency Centrifugal Chillers with Two stage compressors, that are specifically designed for the Middle East District cooling requirements., as an industry leader, has supplied WCT premium efficiency centrifugal chillers for a total cooling capacity of 183,5 MW.

Winning the challenge in a sustainable way

Daikin technology also played a role in the recognition of the Stadium as achieving sustainability standards. In fact, the Khalifa International received the four-star rating in the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) – an assessment system by the Gulf Organization for Research & Development (GORD).

This is the demonstration of how the most advanced technology in the HVAC world can actually meet challenges such as cooling stadiums and outdoor spaces still respecting the environment.

Each chiller is with two compressors and two independent refrigerant circuit. When operated in series counterflow configuration, the upstream chiller controller works as a master controller controlling all four compressors in the chiller pair, thereby providing most optimized point of operation without any interference of external controller.

The chillers were tested in factory on a AHRI certified Test bench to customer’s satisfaction and demonstrating committed performance on capacity and efficiency.

Athletes feedback on the AC system in the stadium

Khalifa Stadium is hosting the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 during these days. That has been a great chance for athletes to test the cooling system in the venue. The US team, for instance, seemed to be very pleased with the comfort provided by the AC system.

“My first experience is that when we walked at the stadium from the car, we were super sweaty but after reaching the venue it felt very good,” said US steeplechase star Emma Coburn.

"We are very comfortable, and I am very impressed" commented the US star Emma Coburn.

Rio gold medallist Ryan Crouser echoed team-mates’ views.  "The conditions are very good, and we are happy" he said.

Star 400m hurdler Rai Benjamin, said: "They did a very good job with the temperatures and it’s very comfortable to be competing."

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