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HVAC technology for Data Centers by Daikin

  • 6 x EWWH-VZ
  • Total Cooling Capacity: 8,400 kW

Daikin has recently provided HVAC technology for Data Centers for a project in France, where an important Japanese company working in the international telecommunication sector is reconverting office buildings in a Data Center facility. The project was curated by Daikin France and in particular by Mr Frack Boudin, who directly followed the evolution of the project.

How Daikin can provide valuable solutions for data centers

Mr Boudin was recently here at our factory to see and witness the performance tests of the units which will be installed for this project, and in this context, he was kind enough to share with us a few information about the project and how Daikin is proving value for it.

“The studies for the project started in 2018. It is going to be executed in four phases. Phase 1 will soon see 3 Daikin  EWWH-VZ chillers installed, for a total cooling capacity of 4,200 kW. in the final phase fo the project, then, they will install three more units of the same range, taking the total cooling capacity at 8,400 kW.

The main project requirements

The most important requirement for this project was efficiency. Daikin, as a leader in the sector, managed to win the project with the incredible efficiency offered by the VZ range. Among the most interesting options for this project there is the Rapid Restart, which is fundamental for Data Centers. In fact, the rapid restart is an option that can help preventing the increase of temperature in case of power interruption. It helps helping bringing the chillers back to full load capacity in no more than 180 seconds. As far as redundancy, that is an aspect that has been taken care when the HVAC system has been designed. The data center will essentially use five of the six chillers installed and have the sixth as a redundancy in case one of the other units failed or had to be maintained.

Another interesting aspect of the project is that, other than making a stock of spares available as a back-up, Daikin will manage the whole chiller plant. Hence, all the equipment, from the chillers to the dry cooler and the pumps, will be controlled by Daikin. Basically, we will make sure the whole system will be working as efficiently as possible. Daikin will also have to make sure to effectively use the dry cooler free cooling mode when possible to take advantage of favourable outside temperature”.

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