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What is seasonal efficiency (SCOP and SEER)

Seasonal Efficiency

Seasonal efficiency is a new way of measuring the true energy efficiency of heating and cooling technology, over an entire year. This new measure gives a more realistic indication of the energy efficiency and environmental impact of a system. 

The new method of rating energy efficiency is driven by the EU’s Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive (the Eco-design Directive) which specifies the minimum Eco-design requirements that manufacturers must integrate into their energy-using products.


Seasonal efficiency demands a new rating system for heating and cooling products, which must be used by all manufacturers. These are:

  • The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) value in cooling 
  • The Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) value in heating 


New seasonal ratings 

The new seasonal ratings reflect a heat pump’s true energy consumption, based on its energy efficiency over an entire year. SEER and SCOP measure annual energy consumption and efficiency in typical day-to-day use. In the longer term, they take into account temperature fluctuations and standby periods to give a clear and reliable indication of the typical energy efficiency over an entire heating or cooling season. 

Daikin products comply with the ErP because they are designed for seasonal efficiency. Daikin has a full range of air conditioning products optimised for the new seasonal efficiency ratings.


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