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Daikin continues to develop strong dealership base in the UAE

October,  2017

Global Japanese HVAC leader, manufacturer and developer of full range of air conditioning products and systems — Daikin — has strengthened its dealership network with the opening of two new dealer shops in the UAE recently.

With the aim to expand Daikin's newly launched R-32 Inverter Wall Mounted Series, Al Emadi opened its 800 sq ft renovated showroom at Deira in Dubai on 12th August. A month later, on 13th September, leading HVAC contractor in the UAE, Benair Airconditioning Co. LLC, launched its first exclusive showroom in Sharjah.

The new Inverter Series has been designed for exceptional cooling performance, regardless of the ambient temperature in the Middle East, thanks to the unique combination of the most advanced technologies like intelligent eye, R-32 refrigerant and the unique swing inverter compressor, which is an improved version of the rotary compressor, designed and manufactured by Daikin. 

Al Emadi has been Daikin's dealer in the UAE for four years now for sales and services of its heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) products.

Samantha Anthony, Marketing Manager at Al Emadi, said, "The new showroom has been specially built to concentrate on Daikin's new inverter range and to further push it in the UAE market. With our improved customer service and newly appointed sales engineer, you can walk into our Deira showroom to examine the product and also buy any Daikin product and the unit will be delivered to your doorstep in three hours' time."

Benny Mathew, Managing Director of Benair Airconditioning co. LLC, maintained, "Daikin's technical competence, combined with its professionalism, has augmented Benair's growth profoundly in the UAE market. We anticipate that our association with Daikin would pave the way for a 'better tomorrow' with regards to expert cooling solutions and healthy environmental practices, thereby facilitating us to generate more content clients."

Mr Mathew also stressed that Daikin manufactures the most advanced VRV products in the market today that come with great technology and are energy efficient at the same time. "We have a 10-year-old relationship with Daikin in the UAE and our expansion is a testament to the growing HVAC market here. Benair's technical expertise is at the forefront of designing, Installation and commissioning for VRV systems in the UAE and this partnership of Benair's technical expertise with Daikin's excellent products will help us win more projects in the UAE."

Speaking about the new Inverter Series, Tuna Gulenc, General Manager at Daikin Middle East & Africa, said, "Unlike an conventional fixed speed air conditioners, inverter air conditioner AC will not lead to fluctuating temperature since inverter AC's finely adjust capacity to maintain a constant room temperature, they have lower variance of room temperature and give higher comfort level. Noise emission is also less compared to standard AC's." 

He added that two things are unique about the R-32 Inverter Wall Mounted Series. Firstly, Daikin is world's first company to apply R-32 to split AC's as well as the only one that develops and manufactures both AC and refrigerants. Secondly, apart from being the most 'green' inverter, it is also energy efficient up to 50% more than standard systems. 

Reiterating the support that Daikin has leveraged with the opening of the two showrooms, Ryoji Sano, President of Daikin Middle East & Africa, stated, "Dealers are Daikin's pillars of success as they are our point of contact with the end users. We cannot touch all the markets alone and this is where our dedicated dealer network is very important. Al Emadi and Benair have provided Daikin the very visibility we require in the UAE and we need more such showrooms to progress further into the emirates."

To support its dealers, Mr Sano added that Daikin invests in creating relationships in the market such as the UAE and ensures that these dealers are well-equipped with the tools necessary to push Daikin's products.

Mr Gulenc also reflected Mr Sano's views. "Benair and Al Emadi are our top two strongest dealers in the UAE market. Although, we don't ask for exclusivity in this market, both have provided Daikin with the much-needed visibility and have understood the benefits that Daikin products provide. We are happy for the investment they have put in to strengthen Daikin's inverter range products and believe in the future of Daikin, the leading player in the market. Their investments are invaluable to Daikin," he added.

Al Emadi plans to open another showroom in Sharjah in December 2017 as part of its continued support to Daikin. Meanwhile, After Sharjah, Benair now plans to open another showroom in Abu Dhabi by November 2017.

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