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  • FTKM Series

    The Daikin FTKM Series features powerful cooling, a motion detection sensor, and 3-D airflow technology. Enjoy efficient and effective cooling in any room.
  • FTKF Series

    Superior technology within reach.
  • FDMRN-AV1K | Concealed Ceiling | UAE

    Daikin units are conceived to offer powerful cooling to quickly cool down the room, even if the outside temperature is very high.
  • FDMF Series

    Daikin’s FDMF series by combining the best available technologies runs quieter, cools faster, and saves more than a conventional air conditioner. It is designed to deliver a comfortable living environment for longer periods of time

    High efficiency scroll compressors, optimized heat exchangers and high-performing fans, the rooftop UATQ-C series is designed to ensure a high energy efficiency and reduced power consumption.
  • VRV IV + Heat Pump

    Welcome to the Daikin VRV IVth generation! Providing a total climate solution and Daikin VRV standard technologies, the VRV heat pump in Dubai is highly efficient.

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Need help?

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