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Energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness for a pharmaceutical plant

Daikin has recently provided HFO screw inverter chiller technology solution to major pharmaceutical company for one the manufacturing sites in Vienna, Austria.

The Daikin screw inverter chillers have been recently factory tested, before they could be sent to the customer’s site to replacement old high GWP chiller units.


Products provided


Total cooling capacity: 580 kW


About the products and the project

The project required the replacement of a 15 years old big split chiller R410A with remote air-cooled condensers. The refrigerant quantity in the old chiller was very high and the reciprocating compressor only had 4 capacity steps. The end user decided to replace it with more advanced technology, seeking greater energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness.

The main aspect driving the consultants’ choice towards Daikin’s screw inverter solutions were the ability to offer the great reliability of the in-house developed screw compressor paired up with HFO refrigerant, fully meeting the needs of the facility involved.

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"The project required an environmentally friendly HVAC concept. That is why it was decided to use chillers featuring R-1234ze. This refrigerant sets the new standard for environmentally friendly cooling systems. In fact, with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) 200 times lower than R-134A, it is a much greener option, and paired up with Daikin’s Single Screw compressors technology can ensure outstanding energy efficiency. levels."

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More about the project’s requirements

The chiller will be used to produce chilled water/glycol mixture at -8°C, which will provide cooling for microbiological processes.

During the investigation for replacement end user made several measurements in “real life” operations and found out that the cooling requirement can vary from approximately from 70 kW to 570 kW.

To reduce the refrigerant quantity, they decided with Daikin to use as a replacement the HFO air-cooled screw inverter chillers from the TZ Series, with very low GWP and the inverter technology, in order to matching the variations in terms of cooling capacity required and have greater energy efficiency performances at part loads.

Another important aspect was the noise reduction. The project required a maximum sound power of 81 dBA. That requirement was addressed thanks an optimization of the reduced sound configuration in the TZ Series.

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