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Daikin Emura, design solution for residential living

Milan, Italy

Let’s take a look around this apartment in the centre of Milan, Italy’s renowned design and fashion capital.

Did you notice the new white Daikin Emura on the wall? It’s an elegant design that beautifully blends into the interior.

  • Project

Replacing a 15-year old air-conditioning system with two Daikin Emura wall-mounted indoor units and 1 multi outdoor unit.

  • Product

Wall-mounted indoor unit FTXJ35A2V1BW (x2)

Multi outdoor unit 2MXM68A2V1B

Installation was a breeze. The resident was extremely happy with the result, saying “I was looking for a high-performing air-conditioning solution with little visual impact. Daikin Emura ticks these boxes. I have to say, it’s great functional design.”

“Daikin Emura has a slim silhouette with playful shadow lines, both in standby and operating mode. That makes it interesting, but never overwhelming. The wall-mounted unit matches my interior style. And that’s everything I wished for.”

“More importantly, it does what it’s supposed to do: improving my indoor climate in all seasons in an elegant and efficient way. It’s also practically inaudible which is definitely a big plus.”

“Daikin Emura increases our feeling of comfort considerably. It ensures a constant temperature throughout the room with just the push of a button. It’s so easy to control the unit. The most important functionalities are easily accessible via the remote control or remotely via the app.”

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