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A Brief Guide on different Residential AC Types!

Looking for a new AC? Be it summer, winter, or spring, an AC is a perfect partner throughout the year. And if you happen to live in an extremely hot place like Saudi Arabia, then you can’t do without an AC. Buying the perfect AC for your home can be a real head-scratcher. It should fit in your budget, not consume much power, give cool air, and last for many years.

These are some of the essential checkpoints that we all look for in an Air Conditioner. Moreover, the market is filled with thousands of models and it becomes baffling to pick one. So, where to start? In order to end your daunting task, we have made a list of the different types of air conditioners. Want to find the right pick? Then keep scrolling!

Split Air Conditioners

The split AC’s are called so because they have two separate units; The one in the indoors and the other is in the outdoors. The long blower, cooling coil, and air filter reside indoors whereas the condenser, compressor, and capillary tubes are outdoors. Such systems come in different series

  1. Wall Mounted
  2. Concealed Ceiling
  3. Cassette
Split AC | Daikin KSA
Roof Top AC | Daikin KSA

Central Air conditioner (Rooftop Systems)

The central air conditioner is best suited for large homes. It is popular because of its remarkable feature and dynamic use. It cools large spaces without using much power beneath the bonnet. It uses ducts for dispersing the air throughout the space. The combination of indoor, as well as outdoor air, is required for it to function. The central unit of this AC is located outside the house.

Multi-split VRV System

Are you looking for maximum energy efficiency? Do you want to limit the number of outdoor units on your roof? Or you want to have a variety of indoor solutions all connected to one system? Here comes the smart innovative VRV system. It utilizes an intelligent technology to know the requirement of each zone of the house to give the desired cooling needs. There is one outdoor unit (or Module) that is connected to multiple indoor units, from wall, concealed, cassette and floor-standing ranges. Equipped with a smart & stylish control system; the Madoka; or centralized cloud-based controls, such as Intelligent Touch Manager. Know more by contacting us!

Multi VRV System | Daikin KSA

Take Away

Air conditioners are considered to be a one-time investment, so you have to make a wise decision when buying one. Hopefully, you can now compare the different types of ACs and pick the one that suits your needs. 

Daikin has a total solution for any type of application, while above explained residential systems, our Applied solutions; from chillersFan coil unitsAir handling units & off-site modular solutions can cater to all commercial & industrial applications, supported by smart controls & cloud systems.

Made your mind about buying a new AC in Saudi Arabia but need assistance? How about contacting us? We are here to help!

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