HVAC-R Industry Circular economy

Closing the loop

Creating a circular economy for HVAC-R industry

Daikin Circular economy

Daikin will contribute to the development of a circular economy for the HVAC-R industry. We aim to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. This is part of our wider commitment to provide safe and healthy air environments while striving to reduce our direct and indirect CO2 emissions.

We will do this by:

Increasing refrigerant reuse

Increasing refrigerant reuse

Achieving a circular economy of refrigerants thanks to the use of Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant and promotion of refrigerant reuse in the market. 

Increasing seasonal efficiency

Increasing seasonal efficiency of our products

Achieving sustainability over the entire lifecyle of an installation, thanks to market leading efficiencies through inverter, Variable Refrigerant Temperature and heat recovery technologies.

Using lower GWP refrigerants

The development and use of lower GWP refrigerants

Reduced CO2eq thanks to the use of lower GWP refrigerants such as R-32, R-407H, R-1234ze(E).

Reducing refrigerant charge

Reducing the refrigerant charge in new equipment

More efficient refrigerants such as R-32 and microchannel technology reduce the refrigerant charge.

Reusing refrigerant: Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation

Reusing refrigerant, avoiding more than 150,000 kg of virgin gas being produced each year.

What does Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation mean?

External Certified Quality

Reclaimed refrigerant meets AHRI700 certified standards, assessed by an independent laboratory, and so is the same quality as virgin refrigerant.

Reclaimed and reused within Europe

Reclaimed means the refrigerant is regenerated in a high quality way, in line with the F-gas regulation definition.

Reclaiming R-410A is just the start

With a huge potential of R-410A available in existing installations we invite you to join our mission in creating this circular economy. Today for R-410A and for other refrigerants in future.

Certified Allocated Quantity

Virgin and reclaimed refrigerant are used in the Daikin Europe factory. Through an audit process we ensure the reclaimed refrigerant is administratively allocated to the VRV IV+ and Mini VRV factory charge.

What does Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation mean?

Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation: The principle

The principle of certified reclaimed refrigerant allocation
  1. A mix of reclaimed and virgin refrigerant is used at our factory
  2. All units are charged with this mix of reclaimed and virgin refrigerant
  3. Audit and external certification 
  4. The reclaimed refrigerant is 100% administratively allocated to the VRV IVHeat Recovery and VRV IV S-series

Action goes greener with Daikin Refrigerant Reclaim Programme

Action intensifies its partnership with Daikin for this new ground breaking project: reclaiming refrigerant from its refurbished stores and reusing it.

ACTION store

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