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Sky Air

The energy efficient solution for small to medium-sized commercial locations.

Seasonal Efficiency for Heating and cooling

Energy efficient

With an A++ seasonal efficiency rating for heating and cooling, Daikin Sky Air significantly reduces your energy consumption with innovative technologies.

  • Variable Refrigerant Technology automatically adapts the refrigerant temperature to the load
  • Auto-cleaning units increase savings by up to 50% when compared to standard cassettes and concealed ceiling units 
  • Heat pump uses renewable energy to provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer
Bluevolution technology for lowest carbon footprint

Bluevolution technology

Sky Air is also available with the lowest carbon footprint, Bluevolution technology. Explore our full Bluevolution range and learn more about the benefits of using R-32 refrigerant.

Three persons on meeting at the office
Three persons on meeting at the office

Engineered to provide comfort

The floor and presence sensors direct air away from you to create the perfect airflow, while the Variable Refrigerant Temperature prevents draughts. Designed with whisper quiet technology, your Sky Air runs so quietly that you forget it is even there.

Quality Products

Quality products and people

Our zero-defect policy means that we repeatedly test each unit during production to ensure that it runs perfectly for years to come. We also have the largest support network available so that a certified Daikin technician is always ready to help you.

Always in control

With Daikin Cloud Service, you can easily control your system and monitor your energy consumption from anywhere at any time. Learn more

A complete solution for climate control in your store

  • Minimise hot and cold air loss via the entrance with our Biddle Air Curtain, and increase energy savings by up to 72% when compared to electric solutions
  • Enjoy fresh air with ventilation systems using energy efficient heat recovery
  • The unique auto-cleaning cassette collects dust and dirt to increase operational efficiency by up to 50% and significantly reduces your maintenance costs
  • Concealed ceiling units blend in seamlessly with your interior and free up wall space for shelves and displays
  • The Daikin Cloud Service allows you to manage multiple sites from any location
A store with clothes

A flexible solution

Customisable for any small to medium-sized commercial application.

  • Boutiques and shops

    Increase your energy efficiency by connecting your Sky Air with our easy-to-maintain Daikin Auto-cleaning Round Flow Cassette.

  • Data centres

    Sky Air is a reliable and energy efficient solution that meets the demanding needs of small and medium-sized telecom shelters, servers rooms and laboratories.

  • Restaurants

    Experience a total solution that satisfies your different refrigeration and comfort cooling and heating needs.

  • Offices

    Our Sky Air solution is ideal for smaller spaces, with separate controls for each unit.

Designed for your interior

The widest range of indoor units available. Choose the best emitter for your space.

A unique technology that intuitively adjusts refrigerant temperatures

Equipped with innovative technology

Sky Air is equipped with Variable Refrigerant Temperature, a unique technology that intuitively adjusts refrigerant temperatures based on weather conditions and building demands.

In addition to ensuring that your Sky Air system runs with the highest efficiency at all times, Variable Refrigerant Temperature also maximises comfort by creating a higher airflow temperature to help maintain a stable, draught-free environment and keep your customers in your shop longer.

Flexible and easy installation

Outdoor units are compact and easily installed against a wall, on a roof or a terrace. Sky Air is a cost-effective solution for new buildings, and an ideal replacement for older, less efficient systems, because it utilises existing piping and wiring and eliminates the hassle of cutting open walls.

Thanks to the low sound enclosure option the operational sound is reduced with up to 10 dB(A), making heat pump application extremely flexible, even in sound sensitive areas.


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Unique auto cleaning technology

Our round flow and concealed ceiling units have optional auto cleaning filters that increase efficiency, comfort and reliability for your customers or guests maximizing customer satisfaction.

Our leading Sky Air solutions

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