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Ibis Budget Hotel, Ghent

Ghent, Belgium

Budget hotel system design delivers lifetime ROI

In March 2018, the new IBIS budget hotel opened its doors at the Dampoort in Ghent, offering guests outstanding comfort in a modern attractive setting.

For the building owner Viktor De Maertelaere, investment in an energy efficient and reliable climate control system was key to the budget hotel concept.

After consultation with the Accor Group and the architect, the hotel opted for Daikin’s VRV IV heat pump system. Adjusted for seasonal efficiency, the VRV system guarantees perfect climate comfort both in the summer and over the winter period. Equally important, the advanced technology of the VRV system enables energy costs to be kept under tight control.

A major consideration was the unique auto-cleaning capability of the indoor unit, which ensures dust-free, high air quality whilst also lowering energy consumption.


“Nowadays, hotel visitors, especially business travellers, expect optimum climate control, even in a 'budget hotel'. We have never had any doubt about our choice.”

Explains De Maertelaere:

The decision to work with Daikin was made in co-operation with the Accor Group, as well as the architect and the engineer, who identified Daikin technology as a leader in the area of climate comfort.

From a design point of view, aesthetics play a role even within the framework of a budget hotel. Equally, the compact room sizes call for careful use of space. “The inverse ceiling systems do not take any space; they are discreet and therefore do not interfere with the design. This means that the hotel guest experiences a comfortable hotel atmosphere, which makes it possible for him to fully enjoy his stay.” says De Maertelaere.

Avoiding disruption to guests is particularly vital in a high occupancy hotel environment. Daikin’s auto- cleaning filter reduces the maintenance task, with collected dust and dirt removed using a standard vacuum cleaner as part of the daily housekeeping routine, thus minimising the time staff spend in rooms and optimising occupancy rates.

Asked whether the team would opt for a different choice if not managing the building themselves, De Maertelaere is emphatic:
We always build hotels as if we are going to manage them ourselves, independent of whether we then manage or lease/sell them.

He stresses:

We seek to interact with our environment responsibly as a hotel of the future.

Concealment of indoor system elements in the ceiling space delivers a streamlined look that complements a modern design aesthetic.


Automatic filter cleaning and room temperature control offer energy-efficient, noiseless comfort.

Daikin's integrated ventilation system via air handling units.

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